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Animoto is a Web 2.0 tool that makes creating cool videos easy. Its an image heavy program, which means it relies on visual effects more than text. In fact, text is limited. You only get 20 characters in the first line and 30 characters in the second line (though you can create as many text slides as you'd like).
  • There are free timberwolf student accounts - ask Miss Cucchetti for username and password. If you create your own account, you will be limited to 30 second videos!!!

Example Animoto

Prezi is the "hyperactive cousin" of PowerPoint. It's an interactive white board of sorts - all the content is put on a "board" and then you can animate it as you choose. It doesn't have fancy transitions like fade out, slide in, etc., but it looks really professional and makes great online presentations. However, you cannot use if you're under age 13!
  • For this Web 2.0 tool, you create your own account. Do not use school email!*
Example Prezi

*all student D51 email accounts are internal accounts (you cannot receive emails from addresses that don't end in

UMapper is a great way to create an interactive map. It's as easy as clicking and typing. You can add pictures and sound easily - just DON'T FORGET TO SAVE!!!
Example UMap

Blogging is a great way to get information across to a wide audience. Just remember that blogging is more time consuming than it seems, and remember, just because you can blog, doesn't mean you have to blog. Make sure your blog content is worth reading!
Example Blog