Creating an Interactive Table of Contents for a Word document
Lesson Objectives:
I can make a table of contents for my poetry anthology
  • I can identify text for the table
  • I can decide on heading levels
  • I can update my table of contents
  • I can edit my table of contents
I can instert a picture into a word document

Making a Table of Contents in Word 2007 or newer version:
1. Create Word document.
2. Make sure each heading is followed by a hard return {enter}
3. Highlight the text you want to appear in the table of contents.
4. Choose the References tab, then click on the "add text button" in the upper left corner.


5. Choose which level you want to apply to the text. (The bigger the number, the bigger the indention on the page)
- Poet Names: Level 1
- Biographical Sketches and Poem titles: Level 2
- Images and personal responses: Level 3

6. When all sections have been leveled, place cursor at the beginning of document, and click on Choose Table of Contents

toc2.JPG7. Choose the style of table you want, and voila! your table of contents is done.8. If you edit your document in any way, make sure you updated your table of contents. Click on the References tab, and choose update table.